Affiliate Marketing in Combination with Other Marketing Channels

When using multiple marketing channels, it is crucial to make sure that they are created around the strong points of products you are selling. Each combination of channels can be productive and efficient, but the key thing is to outline the biggest strengths of your products or services through every channel. Analytics and pragmatic approach is more than essential.

The article you are about the read analyzes the possible combinations between different digital marketing channels and affiliate marketing. Whether you are thinking about including PPC, SEO or Email Marketing into your overall affiliate marketing strategy, here are all the things you need to know in a nutshell.

We will go step-by-step, focusing on one dynamic duo at a time.

PPC and Affiliate Marketing

There are many marketing managers that count on the effectiveness of the combination between affiliate marketing and Pay Per Click Marketing. Depending on how your overall strategy is organized, this mixture can bring some powerful results for your business.

Many affiliates use PPC in order to drive the traffic to their site, and hopefully further to your site to potentially increase your and their income.

For example.

How to find potential Adwords traffic Affiliate Marketer?

Step 1. – Make a list of most relevant keywords and phrases in your niche.
Step 2. – Find out who is bidding for those keywords.
Step 3. – Analyze each of them.
Step 4. – Reach them with your offer!

On the other hand, just as affiliates use PPC to attract website visitors and downloaders, PPC can also gain the attention of affiliates to your affiliate program. Bid for terms and phrases that relate to your program along with ‘affiliate‘. Those that click through on the ads will typically have a clear understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

Again, it depends on your entire strategy and the way you play your cards. If you do it patiently and with in-depth approach, your business will reap the benefits from PPC affiliates and affiliate marketing combination. For instance, affiliates can additionally bid for the keywords you are out for or forbid using the ones that can harm your brand image.

How to use your affiliate marketing system marter?


It‘s possible to integrate PPC tracking into affiliate marketing system in order to evaluate and improve the performance of your PPC campaign, and this can also be useful for tracking any other type of online campaign.


The biggest difficulty when combining affiliate marketing and PPC is the high keyword bid. Making progress with affiliate marketing by using Google AdWords is a tough walnut to crack. Like previously stated, the reason why this is so is the fact that cost per click is just too big in certain niches. Therefore, many Pay-per-click affiliates and marketers turn their attention to Yahoo, Bing and other ad networks as it usually costs less.

Going Beyond the Surface

What can a affiliate marketing manager do to tackle this issue? The trick that is standing between you and the efficient success rate is in the overall approach. You need to find an affiliate that performs more than just well. All other options are probably just going to take both your time and money. So, in a nutshell, your affiliate team needs to do the research properly in order to make most out of the challenge. This is the reason why you want to hire an experienced and result-oriented people. May we suggest considering our team, as we bring what is needed to the table. Give us a call, let us brainstorm together and see where it gets us.

SEO and Affiliate Marketing

The main thinking behind the mixture of SEO and affiliate marketing is more than straightforward. Your goal is to find or to have products which possess reasonable search traffic and offer/give a fair commission per sale. Like with any other arrangement in the world of affiliate marketing, you want both sides to be happy so they will give their best in effort to make a sale.

Many affiliate marketers go on promoting products they fully understand or are passionate about. Lots of those people become opinion leaders and their readers appreciate honesty from them when advertising various products. They simply pass on the opportunity to earn money from something they don’t personally like or have no previous knowledge about.

Ultimately, affiliate marketing will do more than just compliment your SEO strategy.  But if your budget is limited for a grand SEO budget, since it costs dearly, perhaps it’s better to check out if there is some potential well-ranked affiliate relevant for your keywords, and offer him a deal to be your partner.

Did you know?


If done properly, affiliate marketing can bring you hundreds of great backlinks!

Your rankings can explode!

Mixture of Email & Affiliate Marketing

Ok, first of all, there 2 ways how to use email for affiliate marketing. First one – B2C communication. No marketing manager has not heard or tried at least one kind of affiliate marketing in email newsletters. Your channel of affiliates can be such a powerful asset to possess and if by any chance they have a moderate or a larger base of subscribers, then it would be just foolish to miss out on it.

The first and most obvious way to do profit from it is to make most out of emails of your affiliates. Imagine the situation where one of your affiliates has five thousand subscribers. Since it is in his or her interest to sell your product, these 5000 emails are basically extension to your email base. In this case, the affiliate is bringing new, redirected traffic to your website.

How to support you email affiliate marketers? Here are few examples:

  • Unique offer
  • Banners
  • Cool and unique content you may write together
  • ..or even full “ready made” email template

On the other hand, depending on your objectives, different arrangements can be made with your affiliates. If your goal is to get as much emails as possible to your newsletter base, then you will position the deal in a different way. Your affiliate will receive a commission with every email he or she provides you with. In other words, you pay the affiliate money to get you emails and increase the overall number of registrations to your newsletter.

Emailing potential affiliates?

Another important usage of email in email marketing is contacting potential affiliates via email. Email is almost always first channel of reaching them. But, be careful, it occurs that affiliate managers receive major punishments and email account bans, in case they are marked as spammers. If these accounts are linked to domain, it can negatively affect its ranking on Google Search. Fortunately, there are many efficient methods to deal with this problem.

Tell me more about Facebook and Affiliate Marketing

Facebook is not only useful for those who share the same interests, but it also offers a massive potential to increase profits and number of clients for those who choose to advertise on it. Affiliate marketing should also take chance on Facebook since it’s one of the top social media sites and thus the top arena for marketing potential.

If you’re looking for affiliates, you can find very successful potential affiliates on Facebook. These affiliates are those whose pages are highly engaged, having an army of followers, and where a high quality content is constantly posted. You are looking for affiliates who have influence and credibility on Facebook – they increase your chances of converting more traffic into leads and sales for one’s products.

On these affiliates pages, affiliates can, from time to time, post to promote some products and services and leave their affiliate links. Having a good product to sell is critical to success.

Affiliate marketing on Facebook can help you stand out in the world of internet marketing. With combination of creating page posts and ads you give yourself the opportunity to change and see what works best for both merchants and affiliates.

Ultimately, for any deal out there, you need to make appropriate goals first. Your strategy should be organized in a way to achieve every single one of your objectives. One thing is certain – affiliate marketing is powerful alone. But it can be even more effective if used with other marketing channels. Whether you choose to combine it with PPC, SEO or Email Marketing, be 100% sure that this mixture is suitable for your products. Wrong choice can cost you money, a lot of time and bring enormous annoyance into the game.

Once the objectives are set: your next task is to gather the proper team which will take on that challenge and make it all into reality. Another thing you want to do patiently and carefully. A lot can happen along the road, so you are going to need experienced, innovative and focused affiliate marketing crew by your side. We are positive we are the team you are looking for. Let us set up a meeting and find out if we are match made in heaven.